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The wooden pyramid obelisks are easily made at home or can be bought ready made from the market or garden centre. The pyramidal or columnar metal obelisk goes well with most of the gardens as they help to climb most of the plants.

Uses of garden obelisks
If you want to add height and rhythm you can place several garden obelisks at regular intervals in a straight border. You can also use obelisks for providing support for plants like runner beans or sweet potatoes. You may place the obelisks on either side of the path which would just enhance the beauty of the location.

In order to give continuity in your garden you should always use obelisks of the same material as the arches or trellis or other landscaping features that their may be. It is diffficult to marry together two completely different types of materail or style. For instance an elegant garden obelisk may not work well with a rusrtic wooden garden bench - unless you can really make that quirky style work!

Ideally you can choose small climbers like honeysuckle, clematis, and also annual climbers like the sweet peas and pillar roses to name a few


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